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„Rock n’ Roll is a reckless rebel spirit that comes from within.

Rock n’ Roll is not something that you can wear like fashion.“

Dave Grohl/Foo Fighters


SONIC CIRCUS were founded in 2010, after the three musicians had been active in the North Hessian rock and metal scene for over two decades (Quo Vadis, O.A. Fish, Cherubim, Earth:king, Backbone Crash, Gain 11 etc.).

That SONIC CIRCUS passionately follow the spirit of rock-music can be heard in their earthy and unadulterated sound. The different influences of the band members, from classical hard rock to progressive sounds to very hard gaits, mix to their own style, which is not subject to any fashionable current.

"We are SONIC CIRCUS, we play rock n' roll!" the band follows this motto. Handmade, passionately performed music, without net and double bottom.

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